Twitter makes paid verification mandatory for advertisers


After removing all legacy blue checkmarks and asking individual users to pay for verification, Elon Musk-run Twitter on Friday told advertisers to either pay for verification or they will not be able to run their ads on the platform.

Social Media Consultant Matt Navarra shared letter sent to advertisers by Twitter, which read that starting April 21, “You must have a verified checkmark on your account or be subscribed to Twitter Blue or verified organizations to continue running ads on Twitter.”

The company posted, “Business accounts that spend more than $1,000 per month already have or will soon have gold checks, and they will continue to enjoy uninterrupted advertising for this time.”

The company said it aligns with Twitter’s broader verification strategy to enhance the quality of content and enhance the experience as a user and advertiser.

“This approach also supports our ongoing efforts to reduce fraudulent accounts and bots. Subscribing to any of these services means that you have been identified by Twitter as a real person and/or Verified as a business.

Navarra tweeted: “Twitter is now telling advertisers they must subscribe to Twitter Blue or Verified Organizations to continue serving ads!”

Twitter asked businesses to pay $1,000 per month to maintain the gold badge and brand and organizations that don’t pay the money will lose their checkmarks.

The Musk-run company, which is busy monetizing its platform through various means, will also charge an additional $50 per month for adding the badge to each account affiliated with the brand, The Information recently reported.

Earlier, all legacy verified accounts lost their blue badges, causing chaos on the platform across the globe. Many celebrities lost their blue check marks.


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