Twitter is testing a new clipping tool with select Spaces hosts


Twitter announced this week that it is allowing select Space hosts to try out its new feature that will enable them to share clips from their recorded Spaces on the micro-blogging platform. However, the company is currently restricting this feature to iOS users.

Some hosts on iOS will now be able to share 30 seconds of audio from the recorded space with everyone, the company said in a tweet. While the trial feature is being rolled out only for iOS-based users of Twitter, anyone on the platform will be able to listen to these clips. This means that not only iOS users but the company’s Android and web-based users will also be able to listen to these clips.

As far as availability on Twitter’s Android and web-based platforms is concerned, the company said that its new clipping tool will soon come to Android and the web.

In a statement to TechCrunch, the company clarified that there is no limit to the number of audio clips that can be created and shared on Twitter. These clips will be live on the platform for about 30 days, after which they will be automatically deleted from the app. In addition, the company said that the company is currently rolling out support for its clipping tool to space hosts. Later, it will roll out the functionality to all Twitter users. “We will be monitoring the response and plan to expand the space clipping functionality to everyone on Twitter in the near future,” a Twitter spokesperson told the publication.

It’s worth noting that while Twitter has just started testing its Clips feature, it isn’t the only platform experimenting with such functionality. Clubhouse rolled out a similar feature on its platform in September last year, allowing users to create 30-second-long shareable clips in rooms that allow it. Clubhouse users can tap the scissor icon to capture the last 30 seconds of audio that can then be downloaded locally and shared widely. Amazon began testing similar functionality for Amazon Prime Video users last year. Additionally, YouTube is also working on similar functionality.

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