Twitter is potentially planning to add a built-in Podcasts tab


As Twitter’s live audio product space continues to grow in popularity, it looks like the tech giant is already looking to create a tab dedicated to podcasts on its mobile app. A screenshot posted by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong shows a microphone icon in the bottom menu bar of the app, redirecting to a page titled “Podcasts”.

The screenshot itself doesn’t give any indication of how the podcast feature will work on Twitter, or if it’s the next step for the space-type inclusion for audio-only chat rooms. It makes sense to rearrange the space into a separate tab as it is currently only filled at the top of the feed. Spaces first launched in 2020 and Twitter delved deeper into the audio medium after its acquisition of social podcast platform Breaker.

Recently Spaces came with a very important update, allowing anyone to create chat rooms and record conversations for all mobile users. This feature provides space properties like podcasts, although the recordings are temporary and only last for 30 days. Adding a dedicated podcast feature will put Twitter on the playing field against other giants like Spotify or Apple Podcasts. With the anticipated update, listeners will no longer need to attend or listen to Spaces broadcasts within the 30-day limit, they will simply be able to choose and listen at their leisure.

Twitter is just another name in a long list of social media platforms trying to make more revenue by supporting podcasts. Facebook launched the podcast feature last year for select creators. Reddit recently enabled recording for its audio-only talks. How far the Twitter podcast goes is waiting to be seen, but if it does, it’s going to be a significant update to an already successful space.

The first appeared on BGR India after Twitter’s possible plan to add a built-in podcast tab.

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