Twitter is finally adding tweet text selection for Android users: View details


Twitter is making significant improvements to its platform for Android users. The company is finally adding a feature to select text within Tweets to the Android version of its app. Tipster Jane Manchun Wong mentioned the feature in a tweet.

According to Android Police, the tech giant lacks easy text selection for Android users. But over the years, users have found a way to overcome this problem by using the overview selection. Overview is a feature that lets users select text from any screen to copy and paste.

However, according to Android expert Mishaal Rahman, the feature is only available for select Android users. Additionally, the company is working on a feature that will allow Android users to freely select text within tweets. Selecting text from tweets is already available for iOS users.

The addition of the new feature triggered confusion as it was already available to some Android users, including Google’s Pixel phones that come with an overview selection feature.

“Apart from the Google Pixel, I don’t know if any other device has it,” says Android expert Mishaal Rahman.

Twitter has been expanding its platform with more features over the years, including a new composer bar, an easier way to share Twitter communities with others, tweet response videos, and a topic tag bar. The company has also added a direct message search feature on its mobile app and desktop version. This feature allows users to search for chats or conversations with keywords like you can do on WhatsApp.

The microblogging site has improved services on its mobile app and desktop version. Hence, the newly added features will enhance the direct messaging experience on both the mobile app and the web version.

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