Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal moved out of San Francisco office after Musk was fired on day one


Elon Musk is finally the owner of Twitter. He sealed the $44 billion deal on Thursday after a series of notable events. It’s a victory of sorts for both Musk and Twitter. So, to celebrate this victory, Musk did what everyone expected since the drama began. He reportedly fired Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal, policy chief Vijaya Gadde and chief financial officer Ned Sehgal without wasting a second. Firing is one thing, but Musk kicked both Agarwal and Sehgal out of Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters.

According to Reuters, both Agarwal and Sehgal were at Twitter’s headquarters when Musk completed the acquisition of the company. Right after Musk took over the reins of Twitter, he began firing employees so as to restructure the now privately owned company, according To The New York Times and The Washington Post. Aggarwal and Sehgal were also among those who fired, who were immediately pulled out.

On Twitter, Musk, Agarwal and Sehgal have not issued an official statement on the alleged incident or shooting. But, earlier today, Musk tweeted, “The bird is set free.” Referring to the Twitter bird that according to the world’s richest man was turning into a place where freedom of speech had no place. The Tesla chief has repeatedly criticized Twitter for condoning censorship on the platform. He also said that Twitter’s definition of freedom of expression is different from the one set out in the US Constitution.

Musk’s plan includes a job cut of 75 percent of the company’s employees, which would reduce it to just 2,000 from the current 7,500. But even if Musk is out of the picture, Twitter’s now-gone leadership was planning to reduce the company’s workforce by about a quarter, according to The Washington Post. Twitter was planning to cut the company’s payroll by about $800 million. But activists are opposing the move. in a letter published By Time, Twitter employees say the planned layoffs will “harm Twitter’s ability to serve the public conversation.”

The post Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal was escorted out of his San Francisco office after Musk first introduced him on BGR India on the first day.

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