Twitter Bug Bounty Contest will award $ 3,500 cash prize for algorithm bias detection

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Twitter has announced a bug bounty contest to identify biases in image-cropping algorithms. Referring to it as “the industry’s first algorithmic bias bounty competition”, the popular social network is offering cash prizes of up to $ 3,500 (approximately Rs 2,60,300) to those who find algorithm biases.

Twitter Bug Bounty Contest: Who can participate, cash prizes and more

The Twitter Bug Bounty competition aims for hackers and computer researchers to identify biases in its image-cropping algorithms. The move comes after a team of researchers discovered a party press for blacks in algorithms.

After a sharp reaction to the image preview in a post last year excluding black faces, Twitter noted in May that a study conducted by three of its machine learning researchers found that women favor percentages of the population and whites percentages (via Reuters).

“In May, we shared our vision to identify the biases of our Silence Algorithm (also known as our Image Cropping Algorithm), and we made our code available for others to reproduce our work. “We want to take this work one step further by inviting and encouraging the community to help identify the potential pitfalls of this algorithm,” Twitter said in a recent blog post.

Notably, the social media network hosted a Twitter space conversation on Friday at 1:30 PM PT (2:00 AM IST) discussing the challenges that have helped bring this issue to the fore. For the Bug Bounty competition prizes, Twitter announced that the winners will be announced at the DEF CON AI Village workshop on August 8 – how the cash prizes will be distributed-

$ 3,500 first place
$ 1,000 second place
$ 500 third place
$ 1,000 for maximum innovation
$ 1,000 for maximum generalization (i.e., applies to most types of algorithms)

As mentioned on Twitter, participants in the contest will receive prizes through Hacker One. However, those who submit a report about algorithmic bias on Twitter outside the competition will be marked off and not applicable, the social media platform explained. For those interested in participating in the contest, you can go to the HackerOne page or click on it Link.

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