Twitter begins labeling tweets that violate its policy


Twitter has started labeling tweets that are potentially violating its rules and policy. This has been done to ensure their limited visibility on the platform. The company owned by Elon Musk announced the new labeling process last week.

Twitter’s Twitter Safety tweeted, “Freedom of Speech, Not Reached.” This means that Twitter will not outright remove a Tweet from the platform, but will limit its reach through labeling.

one in blog postTwitter said, “We believe that Twitter users have the right to express their opinions and views without fear of censorship. These beliefs are the foundation of Freedom of Speech, not Freedom of Reach – our enforcement philosophy means, Where appropriate, restrict access to Tweets that violate our policies by making the content less searchable.

Twitter said that restricting a tweet’s access allows it to move beyond the binary “leave up versus take down” approach to content moderation.

Twitter further added, “However, like other social platforms, we have historically not been transparent when we have taken this action.” Through labeling action, Twitter claims, it brings a new level of transparency to enforcement action.

The labeled Tweet will be visible to the author and other Twitter users, and they can also check which policies the Tweet potentially violates. Twitter also shared a sample tweet showing what the label would look like. The labeled tweet would read, “Limited visibility: This Tweet may violate Twitter’s rules against hateful conduct.”

Source: Twitter

Furthermore, the social media giant said it will not place ads adjacent to labeled content. Tweets with such labels will not appear in search results, recommendations or timelines – they will be hidden in both the “For you” and “Following timelines” tweets. Additionally, the Company will prohibit liking, replying, retweeting, quote tweeting, bookmarking, sharing or pinning profiles.

If the author feels that their tweet has been labeled incorrectly, they can respond on Twitter. But Twitter said, “Submitting feedback at this time does not guarantee that you will receive feedback or that access to your Tweet will be restored.”

Twitter will currently label tweets that violate its hateful conduct policy. However, the company said, “we plan to expand their application to other applicable policy areas in the coming months.”

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