Twitter bans over 6.8 lakh accounts in India amid major changes


Struggling to become profitable under Elon Musk as it makes tough decisions that have affected users, Twitter records ads promoting child sexual abuse and non-consensual nudity in India between January 26 and February 25 682,420 accounts banned. Brainstorm, under Musk, also closed 1,548 accounts promoting terrorism on its platform in the country.

Twitter, in its monthly report on compliance with the new IT Rules, 2021, said it received just 73 complaints from users in India in the same time-frame through its grievance redressal mechanism.

In addition, Twitter acted on 27 complaints appealing account suspensions.

“We overturned 10 of these account suspensions after reviewing the specifics of the situation. The remaining reported accounts remain suspended,” the company said.

“We also received 24 requests relating to general queries regarding Twitter accounts during this reporting period,” it added.

Under the new IT Rules 2021, large digital and social media platforms with more than 5 million users will have to publish monthly compliance reports.

The report came as Twitter was set to remove all legacy verified blue check marks from April 1, and users would have to pay either Rs 900 per month or Rs 9,400 per year to carry the blue badge with verification, as follows: Some added benefits Ability to edit tweets and post longer text/videos.


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