Trying to Save Ukrainians From Russian Military Using Google Maps: Here’s How


The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine is not limited to these two countries alone. The impact is expected to be long lasting and far-reaching. Major tech companies (mostly outside the United States) have tried to get along with Ukraine through indirect means. To join these efforts, Alphabet Inc. Google’s latest.

Google has announced that it has temporarily disabled some Google Maps features to prevent the Russian military from identifying pockets where Ukrainian citizens are taking refuge. Google has told Reuters that it has removed one of the filters showing real-time traffic. No user in the world will be able to see the traffic details in Ukraine.

According to Google, the tools on Google Maps will stop showing any live information about traffic conditions or even show details of how busy a public place is. Google claims that this step was taken after consulting local and regional authorities.

Google uses data from other Android or Apple devices by using Maps to identify areas with heavy traffic. It can also be seen during real-time navigation. Using this feature, it will be easier for the Russian military to identify spots with more Ukrainian civilians.

Tech companies are playing their part in the struggle. YouTube has removed monetization from several Russian state media channels. Twitter has also removed ads from its platform in Russia and Ukraine to put more emphasis on important information. Facebook also removed the monetization option from Russian state media accounts.

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