trai directs telcos to improve call services for better 5g experience


The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has directed telecom service providers to take immediate steps to demonstrate visible improvement in quality of service and quality of experience by consumers, including 5G.

In a meeting with telecom operators, the authority asked telcos to analyze the issue of call muting and one-way speech and take corrective action on priority.

“While rolling out 5G network, TSPs should ensure that there is minimum disturbance or degradation in the quality of service (QoS) of existing telecom services,” TRAI said.

TRAI on Friday held a meeting with major mobile service providers to review issues related to quality of telecom services faced by consumers and the threat of unsolicited commercial communications (UCCI), such as pesky calls and text messages by telemarketers. .

The authority asked TSPs (Telecom Service Providers) to closely monitor incidents of network outages of long duration.

“Such outages adversely affect the quality of services and consumer experience. The telecom regulator said, all telecom providers were asked to report such outages in any district or state to TRAI.

TRAI asks TSPs to plan and implement systems for online data collection for Quality of Service (QoS) benchmarks and processing them to generate performance reports with granularity at license service area, state level or lower .

“This will simplify the process of QoS performance reporting by TSPs and thereby reduce the compliance burden,” it said.

Earlier this week, a survey revealed that two out of three Indians receive three or more pesky calls every day and 50 per cent of them said such calls come from personal people.

According to the surveyed local circles, 45 per cent or so of people received an average of 3-5 harassing calls every day, while 16 per cent claimed they received 6-10 such calls daily.

About 60 percent received most calls related to “selling financial services,” 18 percent received most calls related to “selling real estate,” while 10 percent received most calls related to “offering a job/earning opportunity.” Did it

In the meeting, TRAI asked the telecom regulator to prevent misuse of Principal Entities (PE) headers and message templates by some telemarketers and also to prevent messages from unauthorized or unregistered telemarketers including telemarketers using telephone numbers.


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