Top Investment Apps in India in 2022: Grow, ET Money, Cashrich, and more


Mutual funds can be broadly classified into direct and regular schemes. Direct mutual funds refer to funds that do not involve a third-party agent, distributor or broker. Investors can invest directly in Asset Management Companies (AMCs) through Direct Funds. On the other hand, regular fund investments involve a third party that handles the mutual funds for the investors.

Here are the top mutual fund apps for investing:


About Best App for Grow Mutual Fund is one of the most trusted mutual fund app. The simplicity and transparency of this app makes Grow the best mutual fund app in India. You can start investing in mutual funds with Grow just by completing paperless KYC.

There are no account opening fees and brokerage/commission for buying or selling funds on Grow. Additionally, it offers several blogs, videos and insights on the fund, making it a better learning platform for new investors. Moreover, this app serves as one of the best mutual fund apps for Android, with an easy-to-use user interface for quick and simple navigation.

et money

Launched by Times Group, eMoney is one of the best apps to invest in Mutual Funds which has caught the attention of new investors. Packed with deep insights and fundamentals to advanced concepts of fund investing, this app helps investors develop strategies to meet their financial goals through mutual fund investing.

ETMoney is the best app for mutual fund investments due to its help in saving tax. Moreover, it offers to buy and sell funds at zero brokerage, which increases the returns in the long run. Additionally, it provides an expense manager, which helps investors track and monitor all expenses.


KFinKart was designed to make mutual fund investing a one-touch process. It is one of the best apps for investing in mutual funds with a simple and easy to understand interface. Investors get a single view of their investment portfolio. Also, one of the unique features that makes Kefincart the best app to track Mutual Funds in India is the addition of multiple folios. This feature enables investors to track their portfolio and that of their family portfolio.

KFinKart also provides insights on investment patterns to help investors improve their investment strategies. It also offers facilities like reinvestment and starting or closing SIPs, which enhances the convenience of investing.


The dynamic SIP methodology makes Cashrich the best app to invest in mutual funds. The app enables investors to diversify their fund portfolio to earn better returns and save more tax. It has a ‘Switch’ feature which offers to quickly switch fund investments within different schemes of the same AMC.

Cashrich is considered the best app for its free investment portfolio review, which helps investors to improve their investment strategies. The app also provides personalized recommendations for investors. For any queries, they have offered an active chatbot to assist you at any time of the day.

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