Top education apps for online learning: Udemy, Byju’s, Topper, Brainly, and more


Corona pandemic has affected everyone’s life, however human life has taken an optimistic stand and efforts are on to find opportunities in this hour of crisis. Children’s schools have been closed for almost a year and in such a situation the role of online education has been important. Online education requires the availability of a computer, laptop or smartphone. During the Corona epidemic, the central government has allocated Rs 818.17 crore to the states to promote online education. Apart from this, Rs 267.86 crore has been allocated for online teacher training under the Samagra Shiksha Yojana.

Here are the top apps for online education:


Udemy App gives you more emphasis on studying career related subjects rather than your schooling. On this platform you will get something different like here, apart from this programming language like designing course, photoshop, illustrator, ethical hacking course for which lakhs of rupees are learned in the market. You can learn them on Udemy.

The app makes teaching on this platform to the students quickly and intuitively. If you are looking for a course at Udemy, during the festive season, Udemy offers students that course at great discounts.


From small children to college students can use this online education app. Like in this, from 4th to 10th, JEE and NEET for 11th class, NEET and JEE for 12th class, NEET and JEE for 12th pass, commerce for 11th and 12th as well as educational courses for children of kg etc. You can also prepare. In this for competitive exams like IAS, CAT, GMAT and GRE.

All topics are available in this app also you get sample papers, previous year papers, mock tests and high quality video lectures and also you can scan any question in it and see the solution.


This is one of the best education apps for India where you will be able to find the answer to any question quickly, be it in maths in English or any other subject. There are two options available while scanning with this app. Firstly you can scan a math problem, and secondly, you can scan any other subject question in English or Hindi.


Topper is proving to be very helpful for CBSE students. It provides study material according to different classes to the students. Additionally, this application provides a variety of content for students who are preparing for board exams including engineering, commerce or medical entrance.

In addition, live sessions are conducted by expert teachers on this app. On the app, students get lectures in Hindi and in English language. The real-time doubts clearing feature also helps the students throughout their session, and you can ask your questions at any time.

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