Top 5 Minecraft Mobile Seeds to Create a World and Where to Find Them

Top 5 Minecraft Mobile Seeds: Where to find them

Microsoft is a very popular sandbox video game owned by Microsoft. While some find the game annoying, many people like it and swear by it. Despite having multiple elements to create the game, one of its main components is that it provides players with seeds that are an array of letters and numbers that players can use to create a world of their own.

Multiple components such as ore vein formation, terrain production, and structure spans can be created using seed players. While the seeds are helpful in all versions of Minecraft, we’ll look at the top 5 Minecraft mobile seeds here, which players can use to create a new world.

17 Diamond ore veins

Diamonds are one of the most valuable resources Game. With 17 diamond ore vein seeds located in the coordinates: 213/7/263, you can make all kinds of diamond tools and store some diamonds in the bag.

Oak forest with flat villages

This seed is available near Span Point and is available on the Plain Biome Village offer. Here you can see several lots of hay, which can turn into bread. You can trade it with farmers to get food supplies.

Amethyst geodes

Amethyst geodes were quite new to the game and were added to the Minecraft 1.17 Cave and Cliffs update. Amethyst geodes are located at coordinates: 881/68/783, which is quite close to the span point.

The ocean

Sea monuments can be located at: 4243/69/990. The location of the seed seems to be a fortress. The fort can be easily located from the outside but you may face difficulties while entering it.

Spawn near the destroyed portal

This seed is found in place of the span, which gives players access to a village in front of a simple village and a ruined portal. The report recommends that players be able to find an amethyst geode at the bottom of the destroyed portal.

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