To inspire you to stay fit, Apple introduces Collections, Fitness Walk Time+


Apple wants you to stay fit and to motivate you to stay fit even in these chilly winters, the company has launched new services in its Apple Fitness+ service. The company has rolled out Collections and Time to Run services on all supported Apple Fitness+ devices.

Apple, via a blog post, introduces Collections, a curated series of workouts and meditations aimed at helping users reach their goals. The functionality, called Collections, includes a suggested plan to help users make deliberate training choices over the next several days or weeks. At launch, Apple Fitness+ service has six collections. The list includes – 30-day core challenge, improve your posture with Pilates, perfect your yoga balance, run your first 5K, strengthen and stretch your back and hips and lower back to sleep better Bend over.

The iPhone maker has also introduced Time to Run on its Fitness+ service. Time to Run is an audio running experience that the company says is designed to help users become better runners. Apple says that each episode of the series is led by a Fitness+ trainer. At launch, Time to Run will consist of three episodes. The list includes London which is coached by Corey Wharton-Malcolm, Brooklyn which is coached by Emily Fayette, and Miami Beach which is coached by Sam Sanchez. New episodes of Time to Run come every weekday on Mondays.

The company also said that Time to Run episodes include inspiring music along with playlists curated by Fitness+ trainers that are designed to match the intensity, location and coaching of each run. Additionally, photos will be available in the workout summary after the workout session ends, which users can use to save to their photo library and share with their friends.

Apart from this, Apple has introduced the third season of its Time to Walk series. The service’s third season features episodes from actor and producer Rebel Wilson, Martin Luther King Jr.’s Center for Nonviolent Social Change Bernice A. King, comedian Hasan Minhaj, actor Chris Meloni, human rights activist and strategist Ayu Tometti, writer and author of the series. Standup comedian Chelsea Handler and Olympic gold medalist Sugar Ray Leonard.

Finally, the company is adding new artist series to the spotlight, including Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams, Shakira, and the Beatles. “Every Monday for four weeks, new workouts featuring music by each of these artists in different mods will appear in service,” the company said.

Apple launches Collections, Time to Run in Fitness+, to inspire you to stay fit. This post first appeared on BGR India.

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