This Man Paid Rs 15.4 Lakh For Rs 71,000 Honda Activa: See Why


The owner of a Chandigarh-based Honda Activa has spent over Rs 15 lakh to get himself a Super VIP ‘0001’ number plate. The audacious shopper has been identified as Brij Mohan, 42. He got this fancy number recently in an auction organized by Chandigarh Registration and Licensing Authority.

As per reports on the internet, the Chandigarh Registration and Licensing Authority put up 378 fancy registration numbers in the auction and earned Rs 1.5 crore. ‘CH01-CJ-0001’ was put up for auction at a base price of Rs 500,000 and was sold for Rs 15.44 lakh.

Brij Mohan has bought this number plate to reserve it for his future vehicle, which he plans to buy during Diwali 2022.

Recently, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar announced that the government would put ‘0001’ number plate on auction for common people to generate additional revenue for the state.

At present, there are 179 state government vehicles using the 0001 number plate, out of which four are owned by CM Khattar himself. The CM recently decided to drop the number 0001 and generate additional revenue from e-auctions.

0001 number plates are the most preferred and are often auctioned off at exorbitant prices.

A man from Tamil Nadu bought Bajaj Dominar for Rs 2.67 lakh with 1 coin

Recently, a man from Tamil Nadu bought a Bajaj Dominar for Rs 2.67 lakh with Re 1 coins. It took ten hours for the dealers to count. The coins were brought to the showroom on March 26 by Bobathi and his friends in a minivan full of sacks. Bupati is a BCA graduate who works as a computer operator.

Bubati said in an interview, “I decided to save the money I earned from my YouTube channel. When I inquired about the on-road price of the bike, I came to know that it was priced at Rs 2.6 lakh, and this Once I had this amount.

When Bubathi approached the Bajaj showroom, the employees were a little reluctant to accept payment in Re 1 coins, as he had been converting his savings into smaller coins for the past three years. Bubathi, his four friends and five showroom workers count the coins and take 10 hours to count the full amount.

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