This Indian couple will host Hogwarts’ The Great Hall-themed wedding reception in the Metaverse


An American couple’s wedding in the Metaverse made history last year of sorts. And now an Indian couple is following suit and planning to hold their reception in a different way.

The wedding reception of Dinesh SP and Janaganandini Ramaswamy will be held in virtual space. The reception will take place at The Great Hall (aka The Dining Hall) at Hogwarts Castle – one of Harry Potter’s most famous and favorite places. According to the Times of India report, the digital avatar of the couple will meet with the guests in the virtual venue, and the event will be presided over by an avatar of the bride’s late father. The groom Dinesh Kshatriya, who thought of holding the reception in the Metaverse, approached Vignesh Selvaraj of Quatix Tech, who was designing the Tardiverse where people could meet and play. Interestingly, at the virtual reception, guests will be able to choose both Indian traditional and western outfits for their avatars and gift them to the bride and groom through GPay and Crypto.

The pair will be the first from India to jump into the metaverse craze. Dinesh told the publication that he is a keen crypto and blockchain technology enthusiast and has been mining Ethereum for the past year. This interest led him to the idea of ​​holding his wedding reception in the metaverse.

Dinesh shared a glimpse of the wedding invitation and posted the following on his Twitter handle, “I feel so proud and blessed that I have seen and taken advantage of so many great opportunities in this world before millions of people have seen them. See, started. Something big! India’s first #metaverse marriage in Polygon Blockchain collaborates with TardiVerse Metaverse startup.”

“Since blockchain is the basic technology of the metaverse, when my wedding was fixed, I thought of having a reception in the metaverse,” he said.

While Zoom weddings became a thing in 2020 after a spurt in COVID cases, Metaverse is slowly changing the custom by adding a fun element to it. However, some western states have outlawed this condition where marriages are being held only in the metaverse. A couple’s wedding was canceled due to a “pandemic staged (illegal) ceremony” within Animal Crossing, a popular video game, reports the NYT. Nonetheless, weddings taking place in the virtual space will remain the norm until we witness a permanent collapse of the COVID curve.

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