This Apple Inspired Watch For Sale From 1988: Details Here

This Apple inspired watch from 1988 up for sale: Details here

The Apple Watch was relaunched in 2015 and since then it has dominated, making it one of the best-selling watches in the world. However, did you know that in 1988, Ex Machina Inc. and Seiko collaborated to create an Apple-inspired smartwatch called the WristMac. The wristmack was used by astronauts on the Atlantis space shuttle and one of these smartwatches has found its way to an auction on and is expected to cost between $ 25,000 (approximately Rs. 18,62,400) and $ 50,000 (approximately Rs. 94,30,300)).

The wristmack was a programmable watch attached to a Macintosh. It saves telephone numbers, sets alarms, takes notes. The astronauts on the Atlantis space shuttle sent the first email from space on August 28, 1991, using the Wristmack watch, which was integrated with the Macintosh Portable and Apple Link software on the shuttle.

According to Auction details Posted on ComicConnect, WristMac is an open and unused unit for sale. Bidding for the watch began on November 22 and will continue until December 18 The list currently has 27 bids and currently stands at $ 800 (approximately Rs. 59,571)

The WristMac unit was auctioned off for বন্ধ 50 (approximately Rs. 3,700) at a close-down sale at a Connecticut Mac warehouse. Since buying the watch, the buyer has never opened the original packaging of the smartwatch unit. However, the entire box, which contains the registration card, reference manual, software floppy disk and Seiko WristMac unit, is unboxed.

The website further states that the Wristmack smartwatch has never been sold in almost three decades since its first release. The original sticker with serial number 70216 can be found in the box.

This Apple Inspired Watch for sale since 1988: Details first published here in BGR India.

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