The Sony PS5 digital version, a lighter version of the new stand design is now on sale

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Sony launched its latest General PlayStation 5 console a few months ago, making it the best-selling video game console ever. The company currently offers consoles in two configurations: PlayStation 5 disc version and PlayStation 5 digital version. It has now launched a new version of its PlayStation 5 digital version with the model CFI-1102A.

The new CFI-1102A model is currently entering Australia through retailers. Changes compared to previous CFI-1000B versions include 300g weight loss, weight reduction to 3.67kg and a new stand design that does not require a screwdriver for installation.

From the posted picture Press Start Australia, It is seen that the new screw coming inside the box has a grippy texture on the head, which will allow users to install it in their hands.

In addition to the 300g weight loss and the inclusion of a new screw, there is no other change to the hardware. Also, the new screw does not differ in size from the previous screw of the CFI-1000B version, which means that you can try to get the screw from Sony Service Center to make a stand of your current PS5. Screwdriver is not required for installation.

To recall, the new CFI-1102A PlayStation 5 digital version first appeared on a leaked retailer list in Japan, which means we’ll soon see new models go on sale in Japan as well. In the case of other international markets, including India, there is currently no word on when the new model will be available for sale.

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