The Phone 1 isn’t fully revealed in a new video with the Glyph interface


Nothing Phone 1 will launch on 12th July. However, the company is not shying away from revealing details about the phone. A new video is now showing us the complete device, even the display, which was not seen till now. This video by a well-known YouTuber also showcases some of the features of the new Nothing Phone 1.

Video about Nothing Phone 1 has been published by Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD. In the video, he shows the back of the device as well as the front. In terms of design, we get to see a good glimpse of the phone.

The most interesting thing about the new Nothing Phone 1 is the back panel. On the other hand, the front looks pretty standard as compared to other smartphones in the market. There is a punch hole on the top left side of the screen which houses the front camera. The bezels are also quite thin but are comparable to other devices available in the market. What’s new is the back panel and how nothing is planning to stand out from the crowd of thousands of smartphones.

The Nothing Phone 1 gets something called a Glyph interface. This new feature is how users will be able to control the light setup on the back panel of the Nothing Phone 1. Using this feature, you will be able to sync different ring tones with blinking lights and phone sounds. They will be limited to a select few ringtones to be the exact 10 ringtones. However, the lights are also programmable for different types of information. You will be able to understand the source of the notification just by looking at it.

The light will also act as a charging status indicator. As soon as you plug in the Type-C charger, a small line will flash, indicating the battery level. It turns off to save battery but you can only turn the phone on again to turn it on and check the battery level.

In terms of other details, we can see that the design of the phone resembles the iPhones that have been in the market for a few years now. Especially on the side of the Nothing Phone 1. The transparent back is what makes it different and nothing can play with the idea to enhance its uniqueness.

The Nothing Phone 1 is completely exposed in a new video with the Glyph interface The post first appeared on BGR India.

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