The next big live event on Fortnite will probably happen next month, details are given here

Fortnite's next big live event likely happening next month, here are the details

The next big live event on Fortnight is probably approaching. According to reports, Epic Games is preparing for the upcoming August Fortnite in-game event. Fortnite Travis Scott and a Christopher Nolan performed a dazzling promotion to Flickr, the upcoming event was suggested to bring a famous pop artist.

The next big live event on Fortnite is probably happening on August 6th

Previous leaks have suggested that an Ariana Grande concert could come into play, although the connection to the pop star’s alien attack remains a mystery. That said, Fortnite’s latest alien-themed season began on June 8. The current season of the game, Chapter 2: Attack 7, has brought a sci-fi vibe.

With rails, nuts, and bolts crafted materials such as flying saucers, the new season has brought a whole bunch of interesting elements to the game. Another highlight of the new season is the battle pass which brings a lot of characters into the game for the players who bought the pass. The new Ason Tute includes Superman, Camera, Customizable Alien, Joey Human / Alien Double Agent and Hulking War Droid. A strange addition to the new Fortnite season is Googimon, a virtual influencer with over a million followers on Instagram.

Image: The Edge

Meanwhile, the Travis Scott Live concert has met with huge success and although the next epic concert is strictly documented, the developers will undoubtedly pull in a popular artist to keep the popular theme alive.

Returning to the countdown timer for Fortnit’s next big live event, the show is reported to start at 3:57 p.m. PT (3: 3:35 a.m. IST). And as quoted by EdgeFollowing the release of the current Alien-themed season, Fortnit has seen a series of updates and events such as a short festival, a trippy concert, and the introduction of new characters such as Loki and Bugha. As with other things that happen in the game, Epic has removed some POIOs, among others, like Coral Castle.

The next big live event of Post Fortnight is likely to take place next month, the details here have been first published in BGR India.

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