The LG Velvet will finally get the Android 13 update next year, but there’s no hope for 5G support on the Wing right now


LG is slowly winding down its mobile phone business after announcing its closure last year. As part of the company’s last ditch effort for its mobile phones, LG has updated its website to mention that the LG Velvet and a few other phones will be receiving software updates next year. So, there is still some hope for LG phone users across the globe. However, Indian users have a lot more to ask for.

lg website They say That the Android 13 update for the LG Velvet will start rolling out in the first quarter of next year. But other phones, such as the LG Wing, LG Q61, LG Q92 5G, and LG Q52 5G, will not be eligible for the Android 13 update, as per the website. Instead these phones will receive security patches around the same time.

LG’s roadmap for its phones is a commitment the company made when it spun off its mobile business. Since the LG Velvet was the company’s last flagship before it exited the mobile business, it makes sense to focus on it in terms of software upgrades. However, the LG Wing arrived a few months later, so ideally, it should be part of the Android 13 software upgrade roadmap as well.

While we are unclear about whether the Android 13 update will reach other phones, it is certain that Android 13 is the last major Android release from LG for its phones. LG has said it will support some of its phones until 2021, three years before it leaves the market, so perhaps there’s hope. And it is good for every LG phone user across the globe. But Indian users may have problems.

LG used to sell both the Velvet and the Wing in India, the latter of which supports 5G in India. Phones that support Indian 5G carriers require necessary software updates. Barring Asus, Google and LG, almost all manufacturers have rolled out software updates for their 5G phones in India. While Asus and Google have said a while ago that they are working on bringing 5G support to their phones, there has been no word from LG. This can be disappointing for LG Wing users.

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