The bot tries to spoil the game for everyone’s favorite pastime; Twitter intervenes


There are few things that unite people beyond all borders, and it looks like Wordle has been doing just that over the past few months. While the number of fans of the puzzle word game is at its peak, it has also left something salty. And the proof of this was seen in the platform where Wordley has gained the most fame. According to the Washington Post, Twitter suspended a bot account that responded to people posting about Wordle with a reply the next day.

As explained by software engineer Robert Reichl in a blog post on January 9, the words for wordlay are stored in a list located in players’ browsers, which are then followed by the date they were programmed to do so. The game is assigned. It looks like some furious Twitter user, fed up with all the Wordle posts, decided to play spoilsport by reverse-engineering the game’s algorithms and revealing the answer beforehand.

The bot, run by the handle @wordlinator, automatically responded to tweets sharing the Wordl results with a sarcastic message and the next day’s reply. “Guess it. People don’t care about your average linguistic escapade. To teach you a lesson, tomorrow’s word,” read the message.

Twitter suspended the account, citing a violation of the platform’s rules about spamming other users with high-volume, unsolicited replies. Accounts are not allowed to “disrupt others’ experience,” the tech giant said in a press release.

The bot account violates the same premise on which Wordle is built and relies on to maintain the integrity of puzzle solving. For what it’s worth, anyone can ruin the game for you by stating the answer, but most people avoid doing so. It appears that users are following the core ethic so that everyone can have a great experience solving word. While most of the words are simple, a few prove headcatcher and add to the appeal of the game.

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