Tesla shuts down Chinese factory due to spread of Kovid: report


Tesla will close its factory in Shanghai, China, for at least a day. This development has come in view of the spread of Kovid-19 in the country and the district. A new report has claimed that the electric car maker will take this step to stop the spread of Kovid. China has a zero-covid policy.

According to a Bloomberg report, Tesla will stop production on Monday. The information does not come from an official source. Tesla may also extend the shutdown period from Monday. However, the report does not make this clear.

The Chinese government will lock down the city of Shanghai in turn. They are planning to conduct mass testing in hotspots to isolate and reduce the spread. The area where the Tesla plant is located will also be on lockdown for a period of four days. Reports suggest that Tesla has yet to announce whether they will continue to keep the shutters closed for the rest of the day.

Earlier this month, Tesla suspended production in Shanghai for a few days. The company is making efforts to continue production. The Shanghai plant is the company’s largest car producer outside of its home country, the United States. Currently, the Shanghai plant is producing cars for Europe, China and other Asian countries. According to a Chinese passenger car association, Tesla has managed to deliver 56,515 new vehicles. Of these, 33,315 were exported and the remaining 23,200 were made for the Chinese market.

Tesla recently opened its new Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany. This new factory could help the brand to focus more on the European markets. Tesla is also planning to open its fourth manufacturing plant in Austin, Texas. Tesla has also moved its headquarters from California to Austin. This is the dubious result of a clash with the county after a prolonged shutdown due to Covid.

Tesla Posts China Factory Shutdown Due to COVID Spread: Report first appeared on BGR India.

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