Tencent Games will shut down its Steam-like mobile game platform WeGame in September


Tencent Games WeGame is shutting down its mobile game platform this September. According to a report, China’s WeGame application will no longer be available for download from July 15. After this, the platform will stop working in early September.

WeGame Mobile is shutting down in September

For the unversed, WeGame is a platform similar to Steam. It lists mobile and is a Chinese alternative to Steam. The platform originally started back in 2017 and now has over 200 million registered users.

Earlier this year, WeGame tried to reach a global audience as Steam was entering the Chinese market. However, it appears that the global rollout of the platform was not successful and it is learned that the company is now ceasing operations of the app.

As reported by the South China Morning Post, WeGame Mobile has been asked to cease operations from 8 September.

The company revealed that it is planning a “change in business development strategy.” As a condition, the platform is no longer accepting new user registrations, which means you cannot log in right now. Users will not be able to download the app from July 15.

All functions of WeGame Mobile will be transferred to the PC version of the app, which is said to remain operational.

The decision comes soon after the company halted its Penguin esports platform. Penguin Esports was again a knockoff of Twitch that offered gamers to stream games on the platform.

Earlier, the two live streaming services (Hua and Douyu) were to be merged. The combined market share of the two firms could have been up to 90 percent in China. Tencent Games’ Penguin Esports was expected to move under the Huya and Douya merger firm.

However, China’s financial regulator put the merger on hold due to antitrust concerns. This was believed to be the reason for Penguin Esports’ halt, however, the company gave the same reason it now gives for closing WeGame, namely “due to a change in business development strategy.”

Tencent Games will shut down its Steam-like mobile game platform WeGame in September after Tencent Games first appeared on BGR India.

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