Telegram: How to send messages in your preferred language in simple steps

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Telegram’s first update for the year brought a lot of features for the users – message translation, themed QR codes, hidden text-in. The features were rolled out on both Android and iOS platforms.

The new additions were meant to enhance the platform and make it more interactive. The 12th update since its official release has brought some useful features for the users, one of them being the in-app translation option. It basically allows users to translate text in the language of their choice. Easy access to translations and functions within the app enhances usability, in addition to the in-app translator not available in WhatsApp, which gives uniqueness to the cloud-based IM service. If you are using Telegram and you haven’t got a chance or you are unable to use this feature, here is a simple guide to help you.

How to use the in-app translation feature on Telegram

  • Launch Telegram app in your phone.

-Then select the hamburger icon (three lines stacked on top of each other)

  • Tapping on it will open the Settings menu.

  • Select the language option in the settings, and you will see a list of languages ​​supported by the platform.

  • At the top of the language menu you will see ‘Show translation button’, tap the toggle to turn it on.

  • Once the feature is activated, a new option will pop up where you can select the languages ​​in which you do not want the feature to translate the message.

  • Now open any individual or group chat and you should see ‘Translate’ option in the pop-up menu. Currently, the app supports only a few languages.

  • Click on Translate and then your message will be translated to Telegram’s default language.

As mentioned, in addition to in-app translation, Telegram added some strange features with the 12th update. The platform has provided iMessage-like responses that you can access by tapping on a message (press and hold on iOS). There is also a spoiler option that hides select portions of text in chats, chat lists and notifications to help users receive any unwanted alerts immediately.

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