Telegram gets download manager, new live streaming among other apps and more


Telegram has today rolled out a major update on its platform. The update brings a number of new features to its platform, including a download manager, a new attachments menu, a redesigned login flow, support for live broadcasts through other apps, and phone number links, among other things.

Here are all the features that come with Telegram:

Download Manager

Telegram already enables users to share files with up to 2GB of storage space from any device. The company said that now users will see a new icon in the search bar while the file is being downloaded. This icon will give users access to a download manager in which they will be able to view all the files currently being downloaded. Here, users will not see the progress of each file’s download, but they will also be able to prioritize the file they want to download, among other things.

new attachment menu

Telegram users will also get a new menu that will enable them to select and send multiple files with ease. The menu can be accessed by tapping ‘… Selected’ at the top of the panel to preview how the album will look when sent to a chat. Here users will also be able to re-arrange or remove the selected media. Telegram said it has completely revamped the attachments menu on iOS so that it resembles the company’s Android app. The company also said that the updated Files tab will show recently sent files and will allow users to search by their name.

Semi transparent Android interface

Telegram is taking its Android app closer to its iOS one by introducing subtle transparency effects in panels and headers in Transparency Mode.

Redesigned login flow

The company has also revamped the login flow for its Android and macOS-based apps. The details shared by the company reveal that the login code digits of the users will come in place on Android. On macOS, the Matrix code will pop up in the QR code login screen, followed by the white duck, Neo.

phone number link

In addition, Telegram said that now users will be able to create a unique name for their profile through the settings page. This unique username can be used by other people on the Platform to contact them without having to search or share their phone numbers via their ‘’.

“Naturally, the link will only work if your privacy settings allow others to find you by your phone number,” Telegram wrote in a blog post.

Live Streaming with other apps

Telegram already supports live streaming with unlimited people. Today, the company announced that with this update, users will be able to broadcast from streaming tools like OBS Studio and XSplit Broadcaster and easily add overlays and multi-screen layouts.

To use this feature, users will have to tap on the ‘Start With’ button and enter the information found there in their streaming tool.

new page

Lastly, the company has introduced the link on its platform which will enable users to preview profiles, posts or entire public channels in their browser, even if they haven’t signed up for Telegram yet.

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