Telegram gets custom mute duration, more animated emoji, better message translation and more


Telegram introduced several new features on its messaging platform last month. The list at the time included a download manager, new attachments menu, phone number links, and the option to live stream along with other apps. Now, the company has announced another update that brings a slew of new features including muted durations, more animated emoji, and better message translation among other things.

So, here are all the new features coming to Telegram this month:

custom notification sounds

This feature enables users to convert any sound into a notification tone, which can be used to create custom alerts within the app. Users can use audio files and voice messages up to 300 KB in size in less than five seconds for this purpose. Users can access sounds on all their devices through Settings > Notifications & sounds.

custom mute duration

Telegram has also added the ability to pause notifications for a specific period of time. Users can choose from a range of options including one hour, 2 hours, one week, two weeks, three months, etc. Telegram says each chat has a well-organized menu for modifying alerts. Users can choose to disable sound to receive notifications silently or mute options to turn off notifications altogether.

New auto-delete menu in profiles

Telegram has also simplified the journey of enabling the auto-delete message option in individual profiles. The feature now supports multiple options including two days, three weeks and four months. To enable the auto-delete feature, users need to tap on the three dots in the info page of the chat.

Reply to Forwarded Messages

With its latest update, Telegram includes reply previews for when users forward a message to other chats. This, in turn, gives other users more context in other users’ interactions.

Image: Telegram

better message translation

Telegram has also updated the message translation on iOS. This feature now supports message translation from more languages, including Ukrainian.

Better PiP Mode

Additionally, the company has improved the picture-in-picture mode on its platform. With the latest update to its Android app, Telegram has added new gestures – pinch to change its size and tap the X to quickly close – in its PIP mode.

more animated emoji

Lastly, the company has also added new animated emoji to its platform. The list includes pizza, burgers, french fries, donuts, cookies, pies and pancakes.

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