Tecno India CEO Arjit Talapatra said that Tecno will launch smartwatches, TWS earbuds and laptops in India in 2023


Tecno recently launched its flagship Phantom X2 smartphone series consisting of Phantom X2 5G and Phantom X2 Pro 5G at a global launch event in Dubai. Of these, the vanilla Phantom X2 5G is scheduled to arrive in India in January 2023. On the sidelines of the Phantom X2 5G launch, we caught up with Arijit Talapatra, CEO, TECNO India to talk about the future of 5G smartphones and the company. Schemes in India. During our conversation, the Tecno India CEO not only revealed the company’s plans to expand its smartphone portfolio in the country, but also shared details about Tecno’s plans to offer products in categories like wearables and wearables.

5G smartphones and expansion in the ultra-premium smartphone segment

Currently, the Phantom X, priced at Rs 25,999, is Tecno’s flagship device available in India. When the Phantom X2 5G arrives in India next month, it could push that boundary further by launching Tecno, a brand known for its budget smartphones, into the mid-budget premium to premium smartphone category. But the company doesn’t plan to stop there. The company is planning to launch a ‘more premium smartphone than the Phantom X2 Pro’ in India soon.

“We are already planning one or two big launches, even more premium than the Phantom X2 and Phantom X2 Pro. Maybe you’ll find out in a few months. Our products are ready,” the CEO of Techno India told BGR India.
“By the end of 2023, India will be completely 5G. So, once India becomes 5G, we should have a complete 5G portfolio. So, in the 5G portfolio, we will focus on ultra-premium, premium as well as mid-premium to high segments.

Responding to a question whether Tecno will bring 5G smartphones in the 15K market segment, Talapatra said, “…10-15K we are planning to bring 5G smartphones. But below 10,000, there is currently no plan.

about launching foldable smartphone

During our chat, Talapatra also touched upon the possibility of launching a foldable display smartphone – a product category that an increasing number of smartphone makers are introducing. While he didn’t completely rule out the idea of ​​launching a foldable device, he emphasized on the fact that the company is currently focused on the Phantom X2 series.

“…so, foldables are also one of the options in the product range, but for now we are focusing on Phantom X2 and Phantom X2 Pro,” he added.

A Tecno laptop in India?

Apart from talking about the smartphone, the Tecno India CEO also shared details about Tecno’s plans to expand its product portfolio in India. For example, laptops are a category that Tecno offers in some global markets, but not in India. At least not now. However, this is likely to change in the coming year.

During our conversation, the Tecno executive said that the company is likely to introduce the laptop in India in 2023. Said.

“We are talking to a few partners as we usually do when we launch a product, we are not in a rush to launch it. So, maybe we do a pilot with one of the B2C companies or brands, or maybe we partner with Maharashtra or Delhi. We will launch it in some markets. We will see how the response is, after that we will go all India level.

Expanding portfolio to wearables and hearables

Additionally, he talked about TECNO’s plans to complete the ecosystem by introducing smartwatches and TWS earbuds in India. “In 2023, you will see Tecno full range of smartwatches, TWS, wearables and wearables. The smartwatch industry is growing at a very fast pace and we think we should not leave any stone unturned in this. We’ll be there in smartwatches. We have already started working on it.”

Transition from 4G to 5G

Lastly, Talapatra also touched upon the most talked about topic in the tech world i.e. 5G. Responding to a question on how easy or how difficult it would be for equipment makers to boost 5G adoption in India and how long it is expected to take, Talapatra said the adoption is expected to be at a high rate.

“India has just become 5G… but 82 million customers are already on 5G. And we’re among the top three markets in 5G. America, China and India. So, the optimization rate is very fast. We expect that by mid-2023, if you want to buy a new phone and that phone is anywhere between 13-20K, the consumer will not buy a 4G phone,” he told BGR India.

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