Tata Motors launches new electric vehicle: Watch video

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Tata Motors is gearing up for a launch event on 6th April. The company is all set to introduce a new electric vehicle in India. Invitations for the event were shared last week but Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd. has shared a fresh video teaser that gives us an indication of what to expect. The new video is quite short so we can’t be completely sure of the vehicle that will be unlocked on 6th April.

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility has shared an 18-second video teaser through its official Twitter handle. We do not get to see much electric cars in the video. There seemed to be an excessive close-up of either the air vents or the side cladding.


What should we expect?

Now, we are looking at quite a few options. the first is a Nexon EV Long-Range, The new EV has been spied testing on Indian roads on several occasions. We know that Tata Motors is planning to launch the long-range Nexon EV which will come with a 40kW battery. In comparison, the current model comes with a 30kW unit. The new battery will extend the range of the EV to over 400 km, making it at par with other expensive offerings in the country. Considering that this is just a powertrain upgrade, Tata cannot change the aesthetics. The zoomed-in snippet didn’t seem to be part of the Nexon EV.

next best option Altroz ​​EV, The Altroz ​​was launched in 2020 and is built on the ALFA platform which can be used for EVs as well. The company has earlier expressed that it is planning to launch the Altroz ​​EV. Close-ups of the video have sharp edges and strong lines, two features you’ll find in the current ICE-powered Altroz ​​as well.

The Altroz ​​is expected to be launched at a price similar to the Tata Tigor EV. However, Tata might be able to add some range to the car due to its wider body. Tata’s electric vehicle wing also mentioned the existence of an all-electric Tata Punch, but that may be too far in the future.

Bye Tigor EV Long Range There is also a possibility for the April 6 event. Like the Nexon EV Long Range, the new car is also expected to get a battery pack update. This will increase the range of the car to a great extent.

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