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Vivo S17 Pro, S17t and S17 mid-range phones launched

Vivo finally launched the S17 series of smartphones at an event in China. The new range includes three phones: the S17 Pro, S17t,...

Thomson 65-inch QLED TV review: Hits the pocket but is it worth the upgrade?

Over the past few years, a lot has changed in display technology. Earlier owning an OLED TV was nothing less than a luxury....

Facebook users alerted to new ‘Look Who Just Dies’ scam

Billions of Facebook users in Australia have been warned about a new scam called "Look Who Just Died" which is designed to steal personal...

Acer announces its new Google TV lineup in India: Check price, specifications, availability

Indkal Technologies has announced Acer's new Google TV lineup in India. Products announced today include the O Series with OLED display and a...

Acer OLED, QLED TV range with Google TV support launched

IndCal Technologies, the official licensee of Acer home entertainment business in India, on Wednesday announced the launch of Acer's new Google TV lineup in...