Swiggy is offering a reward of Rs 5000 to anyone who can find the famous equestrian delivery boy


Anything can go viral today. Be it a woman in the 80s for Bollywood music or a delivery partner who has unconventionally opted for a horse to pick up food to a customer in Mumbai to escape the torrential downpour. Let’s talk about the latter. Its virality is through the roof, thanks to internet users, who were delighted with the stunt, as well as Swiggy, which has been collecting brownie points from the entire event. But Swiggy has a different style. She said she has no idea who the delivery partner could be, but needs help finding her. In fact, Swiggy said that it will offer a reward of Rs 5,000 to anyone who finds it.

Swiggy said in a tweet that it is looking for the man and as anyone else wants answers to his questions. “While we’d like to take some credit for the man’s ingenious planning and vehicle of choice, we really can’t do that,” the food aggregator said. Swiggy also confirmed that this “horse hunt” with a generous reward came only after exhausting “all other options” directed towards the search for the man on the horse.

It’s not typical that Swiggy is looking for the person who chose to ride the horse to ensure that food orders reach the customer on time, but offering a reward for extensive efforts is something that will inspire people. . The flip side of the move could be a successful attempt to garner more attention from users who also have other services at their disposal. For what it’s worth, Swiggy is likely to create more engagement with the kind of reward it has.

Swiggy said a reward of Rs 5,000 will be given in the form of Swiggy Money to the person who reports the whereabouts of the horse riding delivery boy. If that particular person already has an account, the amount will be available for use for ordering food and groceries. But if they do not have an account, the bet of the reward will be in favor of creating one.

Jokes aside, Swiggy and other food aggregators, such as Zomato, are moving fast with their plans to adopt eco-friendly vehicles for delivery. They already run a fleet of electric vehicles in select cities, but the latest government order will mandate the use of electric vehicles across India by 2030. While horse sounds like an eco-friendly way to place orders, Swiggy stressed that it has not “replaced our delivery vehicles with horses, mules, donkeys, camels, elephants, unicorns…”.

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