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Step up to diversity: Gaming companies are hiring more women, expanding their user base


Female gamers are on the rise, and a recent report suggests that the numbers have risen sharply after the disruption of the pandemic. As the gaming market is booming, a good opportunity has been presented for developers, entrepreneurs. Gaming companies are banking on this factor and adding a different approach by including women on board.

according to a at According to the report, companies such as Zynga, Gamestacy, now.gg are focusing on bringing in more women in India to ensure that their ‘workforce reflects their consumer base’. As women gamers are changing the online gaming landscape, these companies are hiring women in key segments such as game development, quality assurance, game design to add more inclusive games.

“Designing games wasn’t really something women did in the past, which explains all the shooting and killing in older games. Now, we want more women to lead our thought, design and narrative teams on creating more inclusive games.” Do it,” Danish Sinha, Founder, Gamestacy told the publication.

The startup is said to have partnered with design complexes in this regard to include women artists and illustrators. Now.gg is providing maneuvering space for female employees who took breaks in their careers for personal reasons. The company has groomed them to start their professional journey again, and it is hosting sessions to address the health and career concerns of female employees.

While the video game industry used to be considered ‘male-dominated’, a dynamic shift has been observed in recent times. Within the Asian gaming population, female gamers are said to have grown at a faster rate than male gamers. According to previous data from Google and Niko, women account for 40-45 percent of the total gaming population. “Women smartphone users in India also hold great potential to drive growth in Asia’s gaming market,” Niko said in its 2019 report. ‘Think with Google APAC – Play Like a Girl Report, 2020’ revealed that 18 percent of all gamers in India are women. With the visibility and prowess of women across various gaming platforms, the number of female gamers, especially in the mobile gaming segment, is expected to increase in the coming days. Notably, there are over 250 million mobile gamers in India and the number is expected to touch 36.8 million by this year.

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