Steam PC games prices will increase in India: Here’s why


PC games on Steam are about to get expensive as Valve updated its regional pricing tool, which shows recommended pricing for games in all supported currencies. The game developer has increased its recommended price for PC games on Steam in all countries outside the US, including India. With this change, the prices of PC games on Steam in India are expected to increase by up to 85 percent.

It’s worth noting that Valve doesn’t enforce regional pricing on Steam as do other developers. But it does share the recommended price in all countries where it is Steam available so that developers can more easily and accurately price their games in different countries.

“We think this is a helpful guide, but as purchasing power and foreign exchange rates continue to evolve, we need to make significant changes to those conversion recommendations to stay current,” said Valve. wrote In a blog post.

“The new recommendations are now live – but as always, developers on Steam are in control of their own pricing. No product may use our recommended conversions for all, some or other currencies,” the company said. .

As far as the price hike in India is concerned, the game developer has increased the recommended pricing in India by 85 percent. This means individual PC game developers can increase the price of their games on the platform by up to 85 percent. To put in perspective, a game that was earlier priced at Rs 1,299 in India could cost up to Rs 2,400 if the developer chooses to adopt the maximum recommended price.

While this is a significant increase, the recommended price increase in other countries is far higher. For example, game developers can charge up to 454 percent more for their games in Turkey. This means that a game costing 92,00 Lira will cost 510,00 Lira with the recommended price increase. Similarly, in Argentina the recommended pricing has been increased by about 485 percent. This means that the game will cost 649.99 pesos with a recommended price hike of 3800,00 pesos.

Valve has also promised to update these prices regularly in its blog post. “We will take a closer look at these recommendations on an annual basis and make adjustments accordingly,” the company wrote.

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