Stable broadband, mobile internet speeds have also improved in India in June, Okla said

Fixed broadband, mobile internet speeds in India improved in June too, reveals Ookla

Despite the burden on the Internet due to the work-home-home model, both mobile internet and fixed broadband speeds are improving in India. Oklahoma’s latest Speedest Global Index of June 2021 says this.

It has been revealed that India has continued to improve in terms of internet speed and has also improved its position in the Global Internet Speed ​​Rankings. We have the details.

Internet speed is improving in India

The Oklahoma report reveals that India is now ranked 70th in terms of fixed broadband speeds and 122nd in terms of mobile internet speeds for the month that has passed.

For the third time in two months, the speed of mobile internet has increased and India’s graph is on the rise. With steady broadband speeds declining in May, India has been able to grow overall in this segment. It saw an average steady broadband speed of 5879 Mbps, which is certainly higher than the 66.65 Mbps speed in May 2021.

As for the speed of mobile internet, it averaged 17.84 Mbps in June, up from an average of 1534 Mbps in May.

Image: Okla

However, download and upload speeds have a significance for mobile internet. In June, the average download speed in India was 1.84 Mbps, and the upload speed was 5.17 Mbps. This is some hard difference! As for fixed broadband, there wasn’t a big difference. Download speed was 58.17 Mbps in June, upload speed was 54.43 Mbps.

Other countries have also been highlighted in this report. It was revealed that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was in the first position with the highest mobile internet speed 193.51 Mbps. It is followed by South Korea (180.46 Mbps), Qatar (111.76 Mbps), Norway (177.60 Mbps) and Cyprus (111.80 Mbps).

Monaco ranks first with the highest fixed broadband speeds at 2 of 7,074 Mbps, followed by Singapore at 252.66 Mbps and Hong Kong at 246. .4 Mbps, Romania is 220..67 Mbps and Denmark is in the top 5 with 217.18 Mbps.

It was further revealed that Oman recorded the highest growth in mobile internet speeds at 15th position, up from 26th position last month.

To see the full report, you can turn your head Here.

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