Spotify offers 20% Diwali discount on its one-year premium plan: check price, validity, ad-free music and more

Spotify 20 percent diwali discount on premium plans: Check validity, price, ad-free Music

Spotify, the world’s most popular music streaming company, offers Diwali discounts on its one-year premium plans. The company has different premium plans at different prices including different benefits and features. But with the Diwali discount offer, you will pay less to get a one year premium subscription.

Offers and discounts

As part of the limited time offer, Spotify has announced a 20 per cent discount on its 12-month prepaid plan at Rs 939. You can save 250 rupees in annual plan. Moreover, the benefits of the offer have already started and once you purchase the annual plan your offer will be activated.

The annual plan lets you enjoy ad-free music, group sessions and download 10k songs on five different devices.


The plan is currently live and valid till the end of Diwali i.e. 4th November. The offer is valid if you are still an existing premium user and have not purchased the plan at a discounted price. The plan also extends to premium mini-plan users or those who can opt out of their standard free trial.

The company offers three more festival premium plans, including Spotify Mini, Spotify Duo and Spotify Family, with Spotify ‘Personal Plan’. Mini service costs 7 rupees and Duo service costs 165 rupees. In contrast, family planning is available at Rs 199 per month.

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