Spotify no longer shuffles album songs by default, all thanks to Adele.

Spotify removes this default feature for albums after Adele's request

According to the BBC, Spotify will now allow users to listen to songs from any album in the correct order, such as to listen to them. This was done after American singer Adele requested the music streaming platform to do so. Currently, Spotify has a default “play” button that plays songs from a specific playlist in random order.

Spotify has confirmed that the “Play” button at the top of a playlist will now play songs in the correct order, you have a Spotify premium subscription. These users will still be able to enable the shuffle option by toggling the “shuffle” icon.

Adele recently asked Spotify on Twitter to change this feature. Notably, Adele recently released an album titled 30 with 12 tracks. According to a tweet, “Our art tells a story and our stories should be heard according to our purpose. Thank you Spotify for listening.” For this, Spotify later responded with “Something for you”.

In a statement Edge, Chris McCoskey, Head of Music Communications, Spotify has confirmed the new premium feature. According to him, “As Adele points out, we’re glad to share that we’ve launched a new premium feature that has long been requested by both users and artists to run the default buttons on all albums. Users who still want to shuffle an album can go to Now Playing View and select the shuffle toggle. ”

For the unexpected, Adele recently released a new album called 30 With 12 tracks.

In other news, Spotify is finally bringing one of the most sought-after features to its platform, Lyrics. Spotify has partnered with Musixmatch to provide lyrics Features. Users will be able to access new song features from within the application. The music streaming platform has even made the lyrics interactive and shareable.

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