Spotify is working on a new “Platinum” HiFi streaming plan: Learn about the features

Spotify removes this default feature for albums after Adele's request

Spotify announced its HiFi streaming tier for users in 2021. This tier aims to provide a high-quality audio experience. This subscription plan is expected to come with support for music in CD-quality lossless audio format. However, this much-awaited scheme never saw the light of day. A new survey circulated by the streaming platform that mentions this audio level indicates that the company is planning to launch it soon. This level may be called the “platinum” level.

Spotify rumored to launch ‘HiFi tier’ soon

as reported by 9to5Mac, a survey received from Spotify after a user canceled his Spotify Premium plan for Apple Music after 10 years of being a Spotify user. The said survey revealed some details of the upcoming audio level. This tier also asked if users wanted to return to Spotify “in the next 30 days” for the features mentioned.

Features revealed in the survey include HiFi, Studio Sound, Headphone Tuner, Audio Insights, Library Pro, Playlist Pro and limited-ad Spotify podcasts. In terms of pricing, the plan is expected to cost $19.99 (approximately 1,600) per month for a single account.

As for the unversed, Spotify rivals Apple Music and Amazon Music already offer lossless audio, something that Spotify will begin to offer with the upcoming tier. It can be a bit difficult for Spotify to convince users to subscribe to the HiFi tier, as Apple Music and Amazon Music offer these features at no extra cost. Some reports indicate that this is the reason why Spotify had to delay this audio tier.

Spotify recently confirmed that users in the US will now have access to over 300,000 audiobook titles. Users will be able to browse the catalog on the Spotify app and make purchases through the website, similar to the purchase of a Spotify subscription. With the introduction of audiobooks, the company is locking horns with Amazon’s Audible service.

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