Spotify is testing a new feature to help listeners find music via user-created playlists


Spotify has announced that it is currently testing the “Featured Curators” feature that will promote popular user playlists on the platform with Spotify playlists. The feature is only in the testing phase right now and will let users enhance their self-curated playlists and let listeners explore more music.

Spotify has selected a few curators who have established following and popular playlists on Spotify. These selectively curated playlists are now visible on the homepage for certain users in select markets. This feature will be tweaked throughout the testing phase.

According to a blogpost from Spotify“Our goal has always been to make Spotify the number one destination for the best listening experience, and with this pilot, we’re giving listeners a new way to discover music from fellow fans who are as engaged as they are.”

Spotify already has personalized playlists like Discover Weekly but this feature will be different. According to Spotify, “We’re always testing unique and different listening experiences and programs for our fans, and we’re excited to see it happen.”

As for the unversed, Spotify recently announced that a playlist creation tool called Blend is now compatible with more than two users. This feature shows the similarity between the music tastes of two users by mixing their favorite tracks. The Blend playlist is updated daily with new songs.
To merge playlists of your favorite tracks with artists, Spotify has teamed up with a number of artists including BTS, Charli XCX, Kacey Musgraves, Lauv, Megan Thee Stallion, Mimi Web, Tai Verdes, Xamã and more. According to Spotify, “To mix with one of these artists, simply click on the link in their name above and then let Spotify do the rest. We’ll match some of your music tastes with music from your favorite artist only.” Users will also receive a share card showing your taste-matching score and the songs that bring the two of you together. These cards allow you to view your listening preferences relative to the artist. will allow.”

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