Sony PlayStation 3 games appear on PlayStation 5 Store: Project Spartacus launching soon?


Sony is reportedly working on its Spartacus program, details of which seem extremely scarce, other than the fact that it could be an Xbox Game Pass competitor. One of the main features of Spartacus includes the ability to play classic titles from older PlayStation consoles. Now, several new game listings in the PlayStation 5 Store point to the same.

Several users have taken to various forums and social media websites to report that the PlayStation 5 game store now listed Dead or Alive 5 and a few other games that were exclusive to PlayStation 3.

to remember, as before bloomberg Report that a Spartacus subscription will give users access to PS exclusives, both modern and older. Now, with the new development, it looks like the project is ahead of what was originally suggested.

At first, only Dead or Alive 5 PS3 went live on the PS5 Store, however, the list has since been joined by Bejeweled 3 and Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones HD. All of these games are showing up on the PS5 store along with pricing information, which means they are available to download and play on the platform. The first games will appear, but there will be no pricing information.

Note, Sony hasn’t confirmed anything about this Spartacus feature, and it may just be a visual bug in the PS Store. However, if the games are actually available to play, it means that the Spartacus launch is near.

With launch, this new PlayStation subscription service functionally combines PS Plus and PS Now. It has been reported that access to PlayStation 3 games will be limited to the highest priced tier. In addition to access to PS3 games, the highest level will also include access to PS1 and PS2 titles.

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