Sony may launch PlayStation 5 Pro with liquid cooling technology in April 2023: Report


Sony is reportedly planning to launch a successor to its PlayStation 5 gaming console soon. According to reports, the company may launch the PS5 Pro gaming console in April this year.

French blogsite PhoneAndroid cited an anonymous source as saying that Sony will introduce a new PS5 model to the market as soon as April 2023, almost two and a half years after introducing its popular PS5 gaming console. The source says that the Japanese tech giant will introduce a ‘Pro’ variant of its PS5 gaming console instead of the rumored ‘Slim’ variant.

Regardless of the change, the upcoming PS5 Pro gaming console is expected to feature major upgrades over the existing PS5 gaming console. The report states that the upcoming PS5 Pro gaming console is expected to be powered by a new AMD processor. However, the details of how much power the chip will provide are still uncertain.

The major update that is expected in the PS5 Pro gaming console as compared to the company’s PS5 gaming console is in terms of the cooling technology used. At the moment, Sony’s PS5 gaming console uses a combination of a fan and a liquid metal compound to cool the device’s internals. In the upcoming PS5 Pro gaming console, the company is expected to incorporate a new liquid cooling technology dubbed as ‘watercooling’, which is found in a lot of gaming PCs. This new technology is expected to enable better heat management while enabling the chip to deliver better performance. Furthermore, the report states that the change in cooling is also expected to change the overall design of the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro gaming console.

That said, the launch of the PS5 Pro isn’t going to affect the PS5 gaming console. Sony has shown us how the two gaming consoles can co-exist with its PS4 and PS5 gaming consoles. The company is likely to follow a similar strategy in the case of PS5 and PS5 Pro gaming consoles. Furthermore, the PS5 Pro is expected to cost more than the PS5 gaming console and be available in limited quantities, making it easier for the company to allow the two gaming consoles to co-exist and even flourish.

That said, Sony is yet to confirm the existence of its PS5 Pro gaming console, which means the company could change its plans anytime. In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye out for details.

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