Sony launches Project Q, a new handheld for portable gaming


Sony finally has an up-to-date handheld device for gaming called the Project Q. Launched at the PlayStation Showcase held on Wednesday, Sony unveiled the new handheld that will allow for portable gaming.

“Our fans expect and deserve a steady cadence of amazing content. Today’s presentation demonstrates our unwavering commitment to offering them the best and most diverse catalog of games,” said Jim Ryan, President and CEO of SIE Said.

Project Q is Sony’s answer to the growing popularity of handheld devices. While the Nintendo Switch became quite popular right after its launch, recent entrants Valve’s Steam Deck and Asus ROG Alli have given a fresh breath to the category. Project Q sounds a lot like these devices until it’s not.

How does Project Q work?

Project Q can stream games only if you have them installed on your PlayStation 5 console. In other words, the Q Handheld won’t natively let you play games like Steam Deck or stream games from the cloud. It’s possible that Sony will add the ability to stream games from the cloud to Project Q at a later date. It’s one of the companies investing heavily in cloud gaming, so it would seem odd if it didn’t include that service.

Unless you already own a PS5 console, Project Q won’t make much sense to you. Sony said Project Q uses Remote Play over Wi-Fi to let you “stream any game from your PS5 console.” This means you need to be in a location with a stable Wi-Fi connection that connects both Project Q and your console. However, Sony didn’t mention whether you can take the Project Q outside your home as there’s no support for a cellular connection. You may need your phone’s hotspot to connect Project Q to Wi-Fi.

project cue details

The Project Q features an 8-inch HD display with a 60fps refresh rate, which Sony says “streams crisper visuals and smoother gameplay from your PS5 when you’re away from your TV.” It supports adaptive triggers and haptic feedback from the DualSense controller. Sony wants Project Q users to have a similar experience to the PlayStation 5 console so that they don’t wander around looking for other, more popular handheld devices.

Sony will launch the Project Q handheld later this year, but the exact timeline or price is not yet clear.

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