Snapchat now has a Windows 11 app, just like Instagram


After years of ignoring the Windows platform, Snapchat has arrived in the Microsoft Store, allowing users to access the photo-sharing platform on PC. Snapchat was available on Android and iOS till now, but it never favored to provide support for Windows platform. And even though Snapchat now has a Windows 11 app, it’s not a full app.

The Snapchat app on the Microsoft Store is a progressive web app (PWA), which means it’s essentially the PC version of Snapchat that’s available as an app through the Microsoft Store. The Snapchat listing in the Microsoft Store is only 1.4MB, which looks more like a shortcut to the app than an actual app. Since Microsoft Edge is a Chromium-based browser, it lets you install most websites as apps on your PC.

Meta also has a similar PWA available for Instagram, so you can access the platform on PC. The functionality is the same except that the interface has been changed and some functionalities are not available.

how to download snapchat to pc

It is a simple process. On your PC, go to the Microsoft Store by clicking the Store icon on the taskbar or searching for the store using the Search button. After you’ve opened the Microsoft Store, search for Snapchat using the bar at the top. The first result is probably the actual result you need. To download Snapchat, you have to click on “Get”, after which the downloading process will start. Once the app is installed, it will be available in the Start Menu and App Library. You can pin the app to the Start menu or taskbar for quick access.

Features on Snapchat PC

As per the screenshots available on the Snapchat listing, you can access your contacts, view their Snaps and chat with them. Your avatar will appear through different animations in the app. You can also video chat with your friends on the Snapchat for PC app.

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