Snapchat is making its ‘My AI’ chatbot safer with these new tools


Snapchat has announced new tools that will make the recently launched AI chatbot “My AI” experience safer, including age-appropriate filters and insights for parents.

After discovering some potential for abuse of the AI ​​chatbot, the company said it discovered that people were “tricking the chatbot into providing responses that didn’t conform to our guidelines”.

As a result of the learning, the company has shared an update on some security enhancements and is said to have launched some tools to keep AI responses under control.

In an age-appropriate experience, the company said it has worked vigorously to improve its responses to inappropriate Snapchatter requests regardless of Snapchatters’ age since launching My AI.

It uses proactive detection tools to scan My AI conversations for potentially non-conforming text and take action.

In addition, the company also “implemented a new age indication for My AI, using the Snapchatter’s date of birth, so that even though Snapchat never tells My AI their age in conversation, the chatbot will continually age when engaging in a conversation.” Will take into account their age”.

Through the in-app Family Center, Snapchat noted that it will give parents more insight into their teen’s interactions with My AI in the coming weeks.

With it, parents will be able to access Family Center to see if their teen is communicating with My AI and how often.


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