Snap Camera Tool: How to become a cool cartoon character for your next video call

Snap camera tool: How to turn into cool cartoon character for your next video call

Everyone is sharing their cartoon photos with their friends and followers on social media these days. People are using cartoon character filters to transform themselves into 3D and animated cartoon characters.

In addition to converting images into cartoon characters, Snapchat’s desktop adversary, the Snap Camera tool, lets users turn cartoon characters into video calls. Simply put, the Snap Camera tool allows users to turn themselves into interesting cartoon characters when making video conferencing calls on zoom or other video calling platforms.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to turning yourself into a cartoon character when making video calls on Zoom or other video calling platforms available there.

How to turn into a cartoon character for the next video call

Step 1: Download the Snap Camera tool on your desktop / PC. To install the tool on your PC, you will need Windows 10 or MacOS 10.13 or later software version. The tool only works in these versions.

Step 2: Once the camera tool is installed on your PC, you need to give it access to your microphone and camera. The Snap Camera tool will work properly once this setting is accessed.

Step 3: You now need to set up the tool on your PC. Once this is done, find the new cartoon filter and click on the Apply option.

Step 4: The filter is found on the main screen among other filters. Once you apply the filter, you will become an animated character in real-time. You will now be able to see your cartoon character on your PC screen.

Step 5: Now to turn yourself into a cartoon character during a video call you need to make the Snap Camera tool your default camera on the video conferencing platform.

In this case: To turn yourself into a cartoon character during a video call in Zoom, go to the Settings menu and set up the Snap Camera tool as the default camera input. You can enable / disable camera settings if needed.

Once the camera setting is enabled you will appear as a cartoon character during a video call. If you want to turn off the camera effect during a zoom call at any time, select the arrow next to the ‘Stop Video’ option and then click the next option to switch to the webcam output.

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