Smartphones for senior citizens should have 5 features

Things to keep in mind while setting a smartphone for senior citizen

With the rapid advancement of technology every day, smartphones are becoming more confusing and complex. The latest built-in apps are making it even more challenging for adults to use smartphones. While pocket computers can come in handy in many ways, there are a number of things to keep in mind when buying a smartphone or making it less complicated for your parents or grandparents. Here are a few of them to keep in mind.

Smartphones for 5-year-olds must have features

Smartphone app

The biggest problem for an adult is to use the built-in application provided on the phone. Nowadays, whether it’s money transfer or chatting together on Google and Yahoo Messenger, download the app to your mobile and connect with your friends in an instant. Set up a useful app for senior citizens but don’t bombard them with smartphones.

Screen lock security

Smartphones come with security options including a pick code, screen lock and fingerprint scanner. However, it is tempting not to use a security option, but choose a screen lock when you set up a smartphone for adults. You can go to Settings> Security> Screen lock option.

Use shortcuts

You can add shortcuts to frequently used applications. One of the easiest ways to add a status shortcut to the home screen is to send them a text message or call your closest acquaintances with just one tap.

Built-in voice command

Many times a senior citizen is not able to dial a phone number or navigate the menu. Enabling built-in voice commands comes as a savior. The feature helps to use the smartphone easily.

Clean and bright display

Everything needs to be easy on the smartphone for seniors, so the display should be clean and bright. Seniors usually do two or three tasks on their phone, including calling, receiving calls and setting alarms. Thus, the display should be clean and bright.

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