Seven electric bikes caught fire while charging in Pune


Seven electric bikes were burnt in Pune on Monday night. The incident took place at an electric bike shop in Pune. Latest reports have suggested that the scooters were charging at the time of the accident.

Seven electric bikes caught fire in an electric bike workshop on Monday. The accident is being told of late night, when the vehicles were charging overnight. According to a report by 91Mobiles, no one was injured or died after the accident.

The electric bike shop was located near Gangadham area of ​​the market yard. The fire brigade also used fire tenders to douse the fire. Although there is no confirmation about the exact cause of the fire, some reports claim that the fire started when the electric vehicles were charging. The fire could have started due to short circuit.

Komaki Electric joins the list of 2-wheeler manufacturers who have reported the fire. These accidents, which peaked in the months of March and April, stirred the government. The government has issued a strictly worded warning to new EV brands facing such issues. The government has also shared show cause notices to Ola Electric, Okinawa Autotech and PureEV.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has also come up with new performance standards for electric vehicles to enhance battery safety. “Performance Standards for Electric Vehicle Batteries,” are new guidelines that will ensure that electric vehicles manage to avoid accidents. The new standards also include testing procedures for batteries that determine the core characteristics of their performance, reliability and electrical performance.

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