Samsung removes ‘Z’ branding from Galaxy Fold3, Galaxy Flip3: Here’s why


Samsung’s line of foldable display smartphones was taken back by the ‘Galaxy Z’ branding with the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip smartphone in 2020. But now the news is that Samsung is withdrawing from it in some parts of Europe.

The company has reportedly removed the ‘Z’ branding from its line of foldable devices in some countries in Europe. The change is visible in Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. In all other markets, the company retained the ‘Z’ branding on its Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 smartphones.

Ishan Agarwal was one of the first to notice this change. Highlighting the fact, Agarwal wrote, “Samsung has removed ‘Z’ from its phones in some European countries. New retail boxes are also printed.”

While Samsung has not explained why it has made this change, Agarwal says that dropping the ‘Z’ branding could be a result of the ongoing geopolitical situation in Ukraine. “The emblem ‘Z’ representing the Russian army during the ongoing invasion of Ukraine may have changed,” the tipster wrote in his tweet.

For those of you who don’t keep updated about the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the letter ‘Z’ has been widely used since the Russian military invaded Ukraine. NPR reports Billboards featuring that letter have appeared in several Russian cities. State-owned RT is also selling T-shirts with the letter printed on its website. In addition, the letter Z has also been seen on Russian army tanks attacking Ukraine.

It is worth noting that the relevance of the origin of the letter Z for Russians remains unknown. While some suggest that the letter is for “zapad”, which means west in Russian, others suggest that the letter is for “zopa”, which means donkey. NPR says the letter is not present in the scripts used in Russia and Ukraine.

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