Samsung may ditch Google Search to opt for Microsoft Bing in its smartphones


According to a report published by New York Times, Microsoft Bing may soon replace Google Search as the default search engine on Samsung smartphones. Being the second largest smartphone maker, the Suwon-based company could put Google at risk of losing annual revenue if it switches to Bing.

Microsoft Bing has gotten a lot of news recently after integrating OpenAI’s Chat GPT model into Bing. The modified Bing can solve more complex queries and tasks. OpenAI’s integration with ChatGPT has given Bing an edge over its competitors.

Samsung now only makes Android-powered smartphones, but it has in the past launched devices that ran on the Windows Phone and Symbian operating systems. The Korean company has partnerships with both Google and Microsoft, and its smartphones come with pre-loaded apps and services from both the tech giants, such as Google News and One Drive.

According to reportsSamsung’s decision to switch from Google Search to Bing is still under negotiation and is not yet final. But if Samsung makes the switch, it will bring fresh changes in the smartphone space.

Furthermore, the switch to Samsung will not be easy as explained by Andreas Proskofsky on Twitter. All Android OEMs must sign the Mobile Application Distribution Agreement (MADA) in order to be licensed to use the Play Store and other Google apps. The terms under this agreement make it mandatory for the OEM to set Google Search as the default search engine.

If Samsung makes the switch, its users will lose access to the Play Store and other apps like Google Maps and Gmail, which won’t be a viable decision for Samsung.

Further, as stated by ht techGoogle pays Samsung, Apple and other telecom giants a hefty sum to remain as the number one search engine. Some people who are aware of this development speculate that this news could be a ploy by Samsung to negotiate a better deal with Google.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is updating its Bing with OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 model. In addition, Microsoft has also integrated OpenAI’s DAL-e Image Creator with Bing, which allows users to generate images directly from Bing chat.

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