Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 may come with S-Pen slot and Super UTG foldable display


Samsung was one of the first brands to launch a smartphone with a foldable display, and has since made great strides in this area. Now, the company is reportedly working on an improved UTG (Ultra-Thin Glass) technology that will make the display of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 more resistant to scratches.

according to a report of NavareLike the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung wants to feature a dedicated holster for the S-Pen in the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4. To make the display more flexible, the company is developing an improved UTG called Super UTG.

To recall, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 was the first foldable device to work with the S-Pen. However, it only supported the S-Pen Fold Edition and the S-Pen Pro, both of which offered the functionality of a regular S-Pen, but with a softer and spring-loaded tip to protect the foldable display.

The report does not specify how the new generation of UTG will be more flexible than the current version. It also did not reveal whether the device will work with the regular S-Pen or will it be like its predecessor and will only support the S-Pen Fold Edition and S-Pen Pro.

Currently, on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, you have to get a spare case with the S-Pen holster attached. The S-Pen costs extra, and you can’t use any older generation S-Pen with the device.

Samsung is expected to launch the next-gen Galaxy Z Fold 4 smartphone in August. As of now, more details about the device or its smaller Flip 4 variant have not surfaced online.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold may come with 4 post S-Pen slot and Super UTG foldable display first appeared on BGR India.

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