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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review: Well, only for Samsung users

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 review: Good one, only for Samsung users

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review: Smartwatches and fitness trackers have become an integral part of our lives over the last few years. Health-related problems are at an all-time high since the Kovid-1 pandemic epidemic hit the world in late 2019. This has led many to lead an active lifestyle and the demand for smart fitness trackers is on the rise, especially in India.

Several tech companies, including Samsung, have taken advantage of this opportunity to create a number of health-conscious smartwatches and fitness trackers. The latest South Korean tech giant is the Galaxy Watch 4 series.

Launched in August 2021, the Samsung Galaxy 4 series has two models – the Basic Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch Classic. The Galaxy Watch 4 starts at Rs 23,999 for the 40mm size, while the Watch 4 Classic is a bit more expensive and starts at Rs 31,999 for the 42mm size.

I have been using Galaxy Watch 4 for the last 10 days and believe it has its own advantages and disadvantages. Since I use the iPhone as my primary device, to use the Galaxy Watch 4 I had to switch to the Samsung Galaxy A52, which is for review, to make full use of the features provided.

So, if you have an iPhone, avoid reading this review. This Wear OS-powered Galaxy Watch does not work with iPhones. But, if you use any brand of Android phone, read the review to know how the Galaxy Watch 4 works and whether it is good enough to be your next smartwatch.

Samsung Galaxy 4 design and build

The Samsung Galaxy 4 ticks all the right boxes in terms of design as well as build quality. The smartwatch is extremely comfortable to wear all day and doesn’t feel so heavy at any time of the day.

The Galaxy Watch 4 sports a clean design with a large round dial, which easily registers smoke. The strap looks minimal and comes in three colors – silver, black and green. One of the reviews is the Silver option and, in my opinion, it looks the best of the three versions.

The side armor aluminum metal frame adds overall aesthetics and makes it look perfect in all situations – be it in the office or at the party or even in the gym. The smartwatch is very well made, and it’s good to see every little detail at Samsung. There are power buttons on both sides of the watch, which are easily accessible.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The strap is light weight and makes it comfortable to wear watch all day. It was great to see Samsung have a lot of bark adjustment holes, which definitely helps people like me with thin hands.

Samsung Galaxy 4 display

The display is one of the best aspects of the Galaxy Watch 4.

The large round dial displays notifications in large fonts very clearly and lets you sort calls, check messages, read emails and even get regular social updates. You can disable and disable the notifications you want to get through the Galaxy Wearable app.

The screen of the Galaxy Watch 4 looks quite bright and vibrant in almost all lighting conditions. It also gives a great viewing experience. Indoors, the AMOLED screen looks bright enough with a 50 percent brightness level, while outside or under the scorching sun in Delhi, a 70 percent brightness level works pretty well for me. There are absolutely no dull moments with this smartwatch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung has made a wide range of watch faces. Contains some graphical, analog and digital and AR emojis. The faces of these watches are extremely easy to set up and can be done directly via the Watch or Galaxy wearable app.

Samsung Galaxy 4 Performance

The Galaxy Watch 4 is a breeze to use. Whether it’s swiping from one screen to another screen, managing notifications, or tracking health issues, this Samsung Galaxy makes it easy.

Initially, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 was extremely easy to set up and only took a few minutes. You need to download the Galaxy Wearable app from the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone so that the watch can be set up and connected to your phone to get timely notifications and track steps and other health features.

If you use an iPhone as your primary device, skip getting the Galaxy Watch. This wire OS-powered smartwatch cannot be paired with the iPhone but works fairly well with other brands of Android phones but some features are limited to Samsung phones only. I have paired it with a Samsung Galaxy A52s so that the watch is fully usable.

To set it up, just wear the watch, download the Galaxy Wearable app and add the app to the device. It offers a variety of watch faces, which can be accessed from the app or watch. Samsung has also added AR emojis and other fun watch faces to the bar, which adds to the overall design of the watch.

For overall performance, the Galaxy Watch 4 provides a smooth and seamless experience when used with a Samsung phone. Whether it’s moving from one screen to another or changing settings, monitoring important things like stress, heart rate, body composition, the Galaxy Watch does it very easily.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Especially during this difficult Covid-1 times, it feels good to add a lot of health features to Samsung. While some health monitoring features such as sleep, walking, running and stress tracking seem to be correct all the time, features like body composition and heart rate seem to be mostly wrong.

This is the first time Samsung has introduced the body composition feature in its Galaxy Watch. Although a watch cannot be compared to a certified medical device in terms of monitoring, I was hoping that the Galaxy Watch 4 would be close to the right level, obviously because the brand is promoting this feature a lot more. Unfortunately, this was not the case in most cases and often in the case of heart rate in terms of body composition level.

Body composition shows body fat percentage, water level, BMI, and more. At the time when a certified medical device showed my body fat rate 27, the watch 4 showed it was 38. Sometimes the clock shows my resting heart rate close to 100, which is definitely wrong.

The Galaxy Watch 4 is a mixed bag in terms of performance. It gets some of that right, while there are a few areas that could be better.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

One of the best bits of this smartwatch is the software. With Samsung’s optimization, WearOS provides users with a seamless everyday experience. It provides a clean user interface and makes accessing apps, receiving calls, checking notifications – messages, emails and much more extremely easy and convenient. Even if you are using a smartwatch for the first time, you find the Galaxy Watch 4 very easy to use.

Samsung Galaxy 4 Review Battery

Battery is one of the few areas where I think the Galaxy Watch 4 could have been better. In my 10 days of using the Galaxy Watch 4, the smartwatch just lasted a whole day. I had to pay every day.

Since I have an active lifestyle and use my watch regularly in the gym and all day to make calls, notification tests, body composition tracks, sleep and much more, I hope the Galaxy Watch 4 will last at least 2 days on a single charge. About 24 hours battery life was always enabled on display.

Charging speed is decently fast. The charging cable is integrated with the retail box, but you will need your phone’s adapter to charge the watch. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge, ranging from 0 to 100 percent.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Should you buy a Samsung Galaxy 4?

If you have a Samsung phone and you have a budget, then the Galaxy Watch 4 makes sense and can help bring your life into a routine. However, if you are an iPhone user, this is definitely not understandable for you because it is not compatible with iOS. Well, I want it.

The Galaxy Watch 4 has its own advantages and disadvantages. It offers a stunning display, an elegant design, and a seamless performance and clean user experience. There are many health features but some of them are not as accurate as expected such as body composition and heart rate. Another area where the Galaxy Watch could be better is the battery. It struggles to last 24 hours on a single charge.

Overall, the Galaxy Watch 4 is definitely a big upgrade from almost all aspects of its predecessor. But I personally think Samsung should branch out of its own ecosystem and make the watch fun and usable with other brands of devices.

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